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jellycast: The Year Of Shame Challenge
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YOS S07E01 - Gears Of Bore (The January Show)
YOS S07E01 - Gears Of Bore (The January Show)
A new year, a new set of challengers take on the infamous Year Of Shame Challenge. Three beardy gamers decide to challenge themselves by not buying (m)any games in the coming 12 months in order to make headway on the piles (more like mountains) of shame.Join Rich, Toby and Steve as they set out on the epic Year of Shame Challenge. In this episode we discuss how easy it all is, and learn about Sexy Tetris. Follow us on Facebook at the 'The Year Of Shame Challenge' group, or on Twitter @YearOfShame
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3 gamers, 1 challenge - to not buy any games for a year.
Come join Rich, Toby and Steve as we try and navigate through our pile of shame by spending a full year without buying any games.
This is The Year Of Shame Challenge.
Share our pain via Twitter @YearOfShame or email

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