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Pixel Spank News #15
Pixel Spank News #15
The full team is back for a podcast! …Sort of… To enter the competition: Write an iTunes review Follow @pixelspank Send proof to Best 3 reviews win a copy of Guns of Icarus Online Please send feedback to Follow us on twitter: Ben is @BetaRayBen Danny is @DannySpiteri Paddy is @Podrick12 Chloe is @Ninja_Spore Pixel Spank is @Pixelspank The Theme tune is Nitro by Kris Keyser
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The Pixel Spank team tells you their views on the latest news.
Join the pixel spank team as they talk about all the news from gaming, movies, comics and everything nerd. For all our latest opinions check out
If you have any questions or comments email us at
On twitter
Ben is @betarayben
Danny is @dannyspiteri
Paddy is @podrick12
Chloe is @ninja_spore
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