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Episode 04 Part 2: Return Of The Fish
Return Of The Fish - PT2
Episode 4 (Part 1 & 2) description: Poetry, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Uni grades, Windows Phone 7, Apple TV, fadda (read: father) whiZ, baby names, Sheg's new place, pigeon problems, UFO sighting?, Haye's fight, tennis, Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and his girl, Tiger Woods, Football, West Ham out of Premiership, Arsenal, Manchester United, Andy Cole autograph, Barcelona v Arsenal, working at BBC, script writing, Rory and Seb's script... [Part 2] R.I.P Peter Falk (Columbo) & Smiley Culture, How not to break bad news, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern comics, Pizza Hut, cinema ticket prices, cinema vs home, Sheg's new cinema business model, Lottery winners, what would you do with the Lottery Jackpot?, moments in history, technology binge, identity double vigilant, space travel, deep-sea exploration, Moon real estate, Secret (Undercover) Boss, The Hotel, Big Brother. Starring Sebastian Bowen, BwhiZ (Matthew), Rory “Tony Stark” Osbourne, Leon Williams and Sheg (Richard). Email: Blog: FB: Voicemail: 07922336412
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Discussion about Nothing
The Fishtank is a topical podcast hosted by Sebastian Bowen joined by friends. Every week a different topic is discussed accompanied by humor and banter. If you really want to get inside The Fishtank then just listen for yourself. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions on the facebook wall or via email.

Host: Sebastian Bowen,
Editing: BwhiZ (Matthew) & Sebastian Bowen,
Staring: Sebastian Bowen, Leon Williams, Sheg, Rory Osbourne and BwhiZ.

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