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jellycast: The 2009 Compass Interdisciplinary Virtual Conference
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How to Survive the Review Process
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Breaking Down Barriers
This is the podcast series for the groundbreaking COMPASS INTERDISCIPLINARY VIRTUAL CONFERENCE
19-30 October, 2009

This series contains keynote lectures from eminent academics and 'publishing workshop' talks from a variety of academics and publishing professionals.

"Join the largest online meeting of minds in the social sciences and humanities!"

In these days of increasing fragmentation and hyper-specialisation in academia, Compass aims to foster connections amongst scholars. To further this cause, Wiley-Blackwell and the Compass Editors-in-Chief are organising this online conference to promote interdisciplinary approaches.

The first Compass conference aims to cut across academic boundaries – within and between disciplines, between theory and practice, approaches and methodologies by providing a space for multi- and cross-disciplinary review

The overall theme of the conference is ‘Breaking Down Barriers’. Around 20 conference papers will tackle one or more of the following sub-themes:

• Paradigms
• Borders
• The Environment/Energy
• Communication
• Justice/Human Rights

The conference papers aim to showcase Compass’ multi-disciplinary dimension. There will be readers and authors from eight distinct disciplines – History, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Geography, Linguistics, Sociology, and Social Psychology.

Each conference paper will be presented and discussed during the conference alongside two commissioned commentaries, leading into a debate between delegates, commentators and the author.

Following the conference final revised versions of the papers presented will be published in the relevant Compass journal.

Keynote speakers include:

* PROFESSOR REGENIA GAGNIER - University of Exeter (Literature/Interdisciplinary Studies)
* PROFESSOR ROGER GRIFFIN – Oxford Brookes University (History/Politics/Religion)
* PROFESSOR DAVID CRYSTAL – University of Wales, Bangor (Language/Linguistics)
* PROFESSOR MARK MACKLIN – University of Wales, Aberystwyth (Physical Geography)
* PROFESSOR PETER LUDLOW – Northwestern University (Philosophy)
* DR ROY BAUMEISTER – Florida State University (Social Psychology)
* DR EILEEN JOY – Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (Literature)

Publishing Workshops:

* Why write a review paper and how to do it
* Online Author Survival Guide
* 10 Things New Scholars should do to get published
* The Secret to Online Publishing Success
* Using Compass in teaching
* The joys and sorrows of writing a textbook
* How to survive the review process


* Register for free at:

* During the conference delegates will be able to access all papers, keynote addresses and publishing workshops for free via

* Delegates will be able to discuss all content and participate in the debates by using the comments feature on the website.

We look forward to welcoming you to this inaugural virtual conference!

- The Compass Conference Team

Rochelle Lieber (Language and Linguistics Compass Editor-in-Chief)
Felice Lifshitz (History Compass Editor-in-Chief)
Jerry Suls (Social and Personality Psychology Compass Editor-in-Chief)
Vanessa Lafaye, Helen Ashton, Kivmars Bowling, Kirsten Claiden-Yardley, Liam Cooper, Philip Smith


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