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Dead, Lifeless Food – Podcast 9
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Eat Free or Die
Welcome to Food Riot. Our food supply has been managed, manipulated, and mandated. A collusion between government and corporations has determined what ends up on our plates.

If you value having access to a variety of real, nutrient-dense foods, then join us in our quest for food freedom.

Brad “The Butcher” Jordan is a food freedom maniac. He’s a self-taught cook who enjoys having a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. When local, state, and federal governments try to limit your food choices, Brad will be there, thrashing through their lies and propaganda. The road to food freedom starts in his home state of North Carolina and continues around the world.

Sara “Foxy” Burrows is a freelance reporter and stay-at-home mom. She’s been covering food politics for quite some time now, bringing the “Chicken Nugget” and “Paleo Blogger” stories to the nation’s attention. She’s also written about raw milk, the salt police and the government’s failing war on childhood obesity.

Brad and Sara understand the importance of eating real, nutrient-dense, traditional foods and how governments, corporations and pharmaceutical companies have colluded to make it difficult for us to access them. Together, they will attempt to stir up a riot for food freedom.

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