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Burning Down The Church
You’re preparing for a marriage, not just planning a wedding...
The big day has arrived and a 27 year old Kathryn is preparing to marry the man of her dreams. However, first she must overcome the creeping flames of a nearby candle; not to mention the creeping realities and expectations of day-to-day married life.
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Life is sometimes a true story. So why not let Jeannie tell you her own?
Life is full of stories, and whether we like it or not, they happen to us every day. So how do you tell your own story? Well, sometimes a personal narrative can be made much easier if you create a narrator and in our new podcast; that's exactly what Jeannie McGinnis has done. She uses the character of 'Kathyrn McKenzie' to tell her diverse stories, ranging from the alluring lights of beauty pageants to a descent into the murky shadows of the Red Light District. From 'Alaska to Texas' and 'Irkutsk to Koh Samui'; Kathryn learns from both the mundane and the extraordinary, all the time recounting her humorous and sometimes gritty experiences.

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