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Episode 13 - The Globetrotter Interview
On August the 22th, the day after the contentious Australian Federal Election, Harvey Globetrotter was savagely beaten by representatives of the World Wildlife Fund. The Prince Consort denied any involvement on his own part or on the part of his organisation, but eye-witnesses told a very different story. Many weeks passed before the document incurring their wrath, a podcast revealing a global conspiracy in which the panda-loving organisation was implicated, saw light. It has been suggested that publishers fled for fear of a similarly grisly fate. Following its release, Harvey, barely alive and a broken man, but confident that his truth had been told, collected his thoughts and sat down with his compatriot, Finn McCool, to muse on life, love, and the state of the world as he sees it. Severely disabled, and able to speak only with the aid of a voice synthesiser, Harvey is nevertheless still capable of keen insight. The discussion is wide-ranging, perceptive and earnest, ranging from old chestnuts such as the place of Stuartists in modern society, to reminiscence about novels encountered during their schooling days (Z for Zachariah, and the recently adapted-to-film Tomorrow When The War Began). The pride which Harvey still places in revealing the truth to the people is brought strongly to the fore as he recounts the lengths taken by naturalised Swedish citizens the Coen Brothers in pushing their Northern European agenda, and lest listeners deceive themselves that these are men of the past, such contemporary concerns as Sutekh's upcoming Trivia Night are also considered. "The Podcast Event of The Decade." - The Critics "A moving, sensitive reverie. Essential." - The New York Times "Like co-hosting with a harlequin baby." - Finn McCool
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