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005 -- Looking back on the Past to Appreciate Today's Changes
Featuring a 2001 article on the Cuenca Bus System
Use our portal, SmartDNSproxy works on any device, and it is faster than VPN, and you can try it for FREE! For this weeks' feature, I wanted to share an article I found about Cuenca's public bus system before the one we have currently was put in place. The article is from the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy's newsletter "Sustainable Tranport" Number 12 from the Fall of 2001. The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy works around the world to design and implement high quality transport systems and policy solutions that make cities more livable, equitable, and sustainable. ITDP is a global nonprofit at the forefront of innovation, providing technical expertise to accelerate the growth of sustainable transport and urban development around the world. Through their transport projects, policy advocacy, and research publications, they work to reduce carbon emissions, enhance social inclusion, and improve the quality of life for people in cities. You can read all about their work and their history at, but one of the things I thought was pretty cool about them goes back to their founding in 1985, as an umbrella organization for several worldwide peace and development initiatives and advocacy efforts. Their largest campaign was Bikes Not Bombs, which sent bicycles to health and education efforts in Nicaragua. Their first shipment of several hundred bikes arrived in Nicaragua during the war with the Contras. If you would like to be a member of, visit our store! For the rest of the month, we are also offering hard copies of our atlas at 50% off because they do not have the most recent major changes that hit about three weeks ago. While there are several routes that have changed though El Centro, the atlas still provide the most comprehensive maps with bus route information that are available in Cuenca. All of the routes in the atlas are from end-to-end and include all the names and locations of each stop. Thanks for listening to the Cuenca Bus Sherpa Podcast! Please send in any information or changes you'd like me to cover to, and keep up with the latest on That's all for this week! We'll see you on the bus!
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English News, Information, & Updates about the Cuenca, Ecuador Public Transportation System
Cuenca Bus Sherpa is a community resource for tourists, expats, and English speaking immigrants living in Cuenca Ecuador. We provide news, information, and updates about the local public transportation system including bus routes and TranVia construction.

Check out for maps, route data, and information about personalized bus-riding workshops.

Due to extensive construction detours and numerous line changes, the city of Cuenca stopped updating bus maps, and eventually they even disappeared from the Internet. The bus system can be intimidating enough as it is; without maps it can be a nightmare for some! In my quest to discover Cuenca and navigate around the city, I began making notes on the routes. Over many months and hundreds of hours, riding buses, working with various maps and software, and endless formatting, I have compiled this resource to share with the larger community. I hope it allows you to explore this wonderful city more extensively and more confidently, and in the process save money and enjoy the slice of life that is the Cuenca bus system!

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