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Episode 30: Climbing Mountains And Killing Nazis
ABFM does Nutmeg at the Christmas Party.
365ish days later ABFM in a non sports fantasy manifestation returns! I still haven't had to cycle to work in the snow yet. Given the recent weather it's more surprising that I haven't had to scuba to work yet. Shitty weather jokes aside you may struggle to understand me. That's because I seem to have an issue with my voice. It doesn't work. No idea why. It doesn't hurt or anything. It's probably cancer. If there's no Christmas episode next year it's because I died of throat cancer despite never having smoked in my life. Ah irony. Playlist August Burns Red - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Run The Jewels - A Christmas Fucking Miracle Teen Top - Snow Kisses Kenny Chesney - All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan Liam Lynch - My United States Of Whatever <-- Lukes Yesteryear Martin Garrix - Animals In Christmas (DJ Florum Remix) Amarna Reign - Black Christmas BR1GHT PR1MATE - JOY2WRLD Hark! Are those the dulcet tone of DMX I hear?
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The OFFICIAL Beetle Vale radio station featuring every conciveable genre of music, Eoins mom, tangental links and much more.
Born out of the simple desire to use a podcast as a means of uni friends keeping up to date about each other ABFM exploded onto the podcasting scene on December 9th 2008 and hasn't looked back since.

The premise is simple. Find a variety of new music for people to like and give it to them in hourly segments at random intervals in the Gregorian calender.

Inter-spacing the music is topical news on subjects you may not be aware of. Sports coverage of things you didn't know people did and graphic references about what X did to Eoins mum last Thursday. Regular features include Conkers Pick of the Week, Lukes Loathed Track and Lucy's Book Review. Every episode features an 8bit song, though there isn't a name for that. It just happens.

ABFM thrives off of community input so if there is anything you want then get in touch and it will more than likely appear!

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