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001 Craftyy Postmortem with Nicklaus Liow and Jason Church
Kickstarter, Mozilla WebFWD and failing fast as a silicon valley startup
I talk to Nicklaus Liow and Jason Church, makers of the HTML5 game creation and remixing tool, Craftyy. In this interview, we learn what it is like to fail fast as a Silicon Valley start up. Craftyy got started when Nick and Jason took 1st place in the Start Up San Diego competition. Soon, they were accepted into the Mozilla WebFWD accelerator and funded Craftyy with a successful Kickstarter. But soon, Nick and Jason learned the lesson of letting raw momentum hide the lack of a cohesive vision.
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Behind every videogame is a team of developers, designers, engineers, artists and makers. Hear the stories behind the games.
Quarter Spiral's Game Dev Life Podcast explores the real life stories behind the creation of your favorite videogames. In this in depth interview show, host Ethan Levy talks to game designers, developers and makers of all stripes to learn "how the sausage is made." Each episode features a different game developer telling the story of their life as a game developer.

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