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The Alexander James Show - Episode 3 GENDER
The Alexander James Show - Episode 3 GENDER
Gender, it effects us all, so lets discuss it. We have managed to get an exclusive interview with an expert in the field of nothing in particular, Hannnah O'Donnel. Together we discuss many issues such as what we would do if we could change sex for the day and who we would sleep with. Unfortunately a slight technical fualt with the recording equipment means that we have lost the introduction, the first sketch and half of the second sketch but hopefully this will not hamper your enjoyment.
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The Alexander James Show - Episode 1 - WRITING
The first episode in our new series is about writing, as the title suggests.
It features Adam Alexander and myself, Peter James. Together we write comedy sketches and have had some success in the past appearing on ITV1, (which is the original terrestial ITV channel).
The episode starts with a couple of sketches that we have writen performed by ourselves and then we go on to discuss the pros and cons of writing comedy, and if we are lucky we say something funny, and maybe even stay talking about the original subject, but don't count on it.

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