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jellycast: Steel's Comedy Meets
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Steel + The Joker & The Thief
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Steel's Comedy Meets, chit-chat ramblings with the nation's hottest comedy talent. Hear the cogs of Britian's comedy Minds.
Steel's Comedy Meets is where ex-stand up comedian Steel Wallis taps into his black book of comedian chums to get them in for live, on air chit-chat ramblings, all set to a fantastic a sound track. A great chance to meet comedians away from their stand-up routines and discover what makes them tick. This Broadcasts live every Monday from London 101.4 OnFM Radio.

Guests have included
Keith Farnan, Ray Peacock, Phil Nichol, Patrick Monahan, Tom Price, Josh Howie, Mark Bolan, Brian Damage and Crystal, Tara Flyn.

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