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jellycast: John's Gospel: LIFE, LIGHT AND THE GOSPEL
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1. The Beginning (The Word of Life) - John 1:1-18
John's Symphony Begins
The great symphony of John's Gospel begins here!
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John's Gospel for Today
These talks were first given at CORNERSTONE 2010 (The All Souls Church, Langham Place Week Away) held in Bath in August 2010.
These talks sought to give a sense of the whole of John's gospel by taking his Prologue (John 1:1-18) and his Gospel Summary Statement (John 20:30-31) as bookends - and then seeing how they get worked out in the course of the book's big themes.
1. The Beginning: THE WORD OF LIFE (John 1:1-18 - The Prologue)
2. The Revelation: SIGNS OF GOD (John 8:31-59 - Before Abraham... )
3. The Gospel: LOVE FOR THE UNLOVELY (John 3:1-21 - The Religious Teacher Learns A Lesson)
4. The Battle: LIGHT vs DARKNESS (John 9 - A Blind Man Sees Again)
5. The Family: LIFE ON THE VINE (John 13:1-17 - A Community of Love)
6. ALL-AGE TALK - The Privilege: BELIEVE & LIVE! (John 20:24-31 - The Doubter Confesses)

NB Sound quality is variable - especially on Talk 3 and the All-Age Talk (no 6) - otherwise all should be fine.

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