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jellycast: Deuteronomy - Third Part - A guide through the wilderness of life
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Chewing the cud.
Lessons from a cow!
We have all wondered at a cow chewing her cud, we can all learn from this homely animal. I remember as a kid going into the byre in the evening and watching these docile animals after milking, lying contentedly and chewing their cud - a lovely memory.
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As we travel through this great and terrible wilderness of life!
As we travel, in this 3rd Part, through the pages of Deuteronomy, once again you will notice that some talks may commence with a news item upon which some comment is made. Some of these will appear to be very dated. However, we have taken the decision to leave these in, rather than omit them. In most cases they will show how public opinion and especially church teaching has changed, sadly, this is usually for the worst! However, they certainly indicate that we are now living in the "Last Days" before the imminent Rapture of the Church, for those true followers of Jesus Christ. Please read 2 Timothy 3. 1-9. We trust that you may be encouraged as you read and follow our Saviour on our journey through this world. We would be grateful for your prayers as we upload these Podcasts week by week.

If you have not trusted The Lord Jesus as your Saviour please get a Bible and read John's Gospel Chapter 3 and verses 16-18. Now is the accepted time behold now is the Day of Salvation.
In addition go to
(i) iTunes and do a search for Fowey Fellowship.
(ii) Then search for “The Biggest Fool”
(iii) Open it and listen carefully!

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