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jellycast: Rich and George's 15 Minutes of Shame
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Rich and George: The '68 Comeback Special
It's apparently a common practice for corpses in morgues to have certain tendons cut, this prevents them from contracting and pulling the corpse into an upright position. Corpses also have been known throughout history to groan as the decomposition gases escape the body through the voice box. This is the best description of this latest episode, our long since dead podcast has sat bolt upright as the gaseous fumes and bile escapes our bodies in one final hurrah. The recording quality has improved and we're two years older and wiser, but that's about it.
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Fine tuning the world's issues in just 15 minutes
Join Rich and George as they meander through the issues plaguing humanity since the dawn of time. From New Year disappointment to feline defecation, these gentlemen strive to determine within 15 minutes whether the world requires simple fine tuning or the complete 'restore default factory settings' treatment. You can join in the fun by taking part in 'Tweak Tweets' whereby your comments and suggestions for improvement can be tweeted to @richandgeorge15.

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