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jellycast: The Terminus Podcast with Trevor and Jeremy
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The Kids Are United
The Kids Are United
"Milo" tries to save face after quitting his Simon and Schuster lawsuit. Trevor talks about Superman's obviously Kansan Accent. Jeremy makes an impassioned plea. Today's episode is brought to you in part by Nipple Domes Ltd., the best nipple enclosure company in the world. Kevin Moan and the Reptiles did our theme song, go check his tasty buns out at Produced by: Trevor Hultner Links: PATREON: FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: TWITTER:
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Friends Don't Let Friends Make Podcasts
Ever wanted to really feel like your podcast-listening time was flushed down the toilet, repeatedly? Join experts-at-nothing Trevor and Jeremy for an incoherent look at the week behind them, and a somehow-less-coherent glimpse at the week ahead. News, pop culture and heavy topics get the treatment they maybe don't deserve, but definitely need right now.

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