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jellycast: The Artist in American History
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The Story of SMiLE - The Beach Boys' Lost Masterpiece
The Making and Unmaking of a Masterpiece
In 1966, Brian Wilson led The Beach Boys into the studio to begin work on the follow up to the critically acclaimed album, Pet Sounds. What should have been the band's masterpiece turned into their biggest calamity as the SMiLE album unraveled and collapsed around them. In this podcast, Dr. Darren R. Reid takes a look at the recently released SMiLE Sessions to assess what may have been. Is this album the lost masterpiece of legend? Would it have secured the band's place alongside The Beatles?
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American History and Culture Through the Lens of Those Who Lived It
In this podcast series historian Dr. Darren R. Reid explores American history through the lens of the artist. From classic comics books to music and film, this podcast offers a series of lectures and documentaries which examine how art and artistry has reflected and informed the changing nature of the US.

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