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jellycast: Shy Squidge Speaks
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Episode #12
Squidge likes films and video games but not warm wine
Squidge speaks about the latest 2011 video games, reviews the I Am Number 4 movie, BAFF KinoAdelaide Kaberet 2011 event, uncanny valley, reviews Twilight; The Social Network and Pathfinder films, Monoliths, Lars the Viking discovers America, Rooster Teeth community site, softcore porn movie theatres, sparkling vampires, small red skinned vampires, and resurrecting dead movie characters. “Take the Lead” by Kevin MacLeod You can contact me via Email: and the Twitter:
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Emo filmmaker Squidge Pangaro is on a quest to prove that he has a voice by hosting this funny and personal podcast show.
Squidge Pangaro is a documentary filmmaker, an emo & artist. He has an interesting life, although he has one slight difficulty: he is shy. Very, very shy.
To prove to his friends that he has a voice, Squidge bought a mic to vent his spleen into.
This podcast is the result of that spleen-venting.
He talks about tech gadgets, digital art, video art, & the life of a filmmaker.

Don't forget to contact me via Email: and the Twitter:

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