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jellycast: The Garbage Will Do
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The Garbage Will Do - Episode 12
The latest from The Garbage Team
Carrying on with the shiny new format, we talk about Black Panther, the Infinity War trailer and a few other things. Mike gives an impromptu Hitchhiker's Guide quiz and we review The Cloverfield Paradox.
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The Star Wars & geek-interest themed podcast you've decided to settle for.
Three men and a woman, brought together by time, space, fate, a love of Star Wars, and general geekery, embark on their most epic, dangerous, and only mission to date - To fill your aural holes with the strange and wonderful thoughts we have about Star Wars and other geek issues in our brains, using only the sounds we make with our mouths and occasional FX.

To delight, entertain, and in all honesty, probably baffle you in equal measure is our ultimate goal, but to achieve it we need ears - yours to be precise!

Hosted by Gavin, Zoe, Matt and Mike - We try to answer such elusive and important questions such as:

Which host's 6 year old daughter saw Star Wars before which other host?
Which of us does an amazing youngling impression?
Which host has theory involving Obi-Wan running around on the Death Star whilst being both invisible AND naked?
Who has a Harry Potter/Star Wars mashup tattoo?

All these questions and probably several more are answered, and then others are posed and some sort of agreeable but volatile compromise is reached in just the first episode!

So hop on board and enjoy the thrill ride of a lifetime, and the only one we think can be completed in under twelve parsecs.

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