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jellycast: Welcome to Budley - A Radio Sketch Show
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Welcome to Budley: Episode 7
This episode is the best one according to 'Thick as a Brick Bev'; she likes the BIG words...
Welcome back to the charming little world of Budley; a place so small that our town square is a triangle. Also while visiting, make sure you visit the ‘Leaning Statue of Susan Boyle’ it’s our most popular tourist attraction! Anyway, in today’s episode we learn more about the seedy underground world of “Sticky Sheets” (mainly from Sarge), take a visit to the ‘Budley NHS’, start building the ‘Titanic MK2’ and go supermarket shopping for some very free 2for1 deals. What can we say? At least it’s better than a “Take the High Road Omnibus”
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Enjoy your stay and best of luck trying to find your way out!
Welcome to Budley and our peculiar comedy sketch show. Although not visible on any map or satnav, this coastal “hamlet of no hope” is home to sporting champions, failed soap stars, fitness innovators and a whole host of unique characters, who once met, are never forgotten. Also whilst we want you to enjoy your stay in Budley, we accept no responsibility for financial loss and damages to person or property (including crimes committed by gnomes).

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