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Cornucopia Radio Podcast 68: The Exhibit
At what point do the people behind AI art start to deserve as much credit as the artists themselves?
The gavel slams onto its pedestal and the audience burst into applause. All around them, the gallery is buzzing with conversations from its many occupants, who mingle amongst the different paintings, photographs and sculptures that reside in this beautiful and luxurious endless white room. At the back, beaming with pride; stands Oscar Johansson. He is the artist behind all of this work... even though most of it was created by ‘something’ else. ‘The Exhibit’ is our new Scripted-Podcast written by Andrew Shaktah, which investigates how Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being used to create new artistic works in a variety of fields. But at what point do the people behind the AI start to deserve as much credit as the artists themselves?
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Hello and welcome, we are ‘Cornucopia Radio’ and we make amazing audio! We’re an open platform for writers and performers; allowing anybody from anywhere in the world to create original sketch comedy, audio drama, monologues, poetry, streams of consciousness, documentaries and whatever else needs space to grow!!

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