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jellycast: The "Official" Dan and Rich Podcast
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8/11/14 - The Farce Awakens
It's back
After an unexplained 2 year absence, Dan and Rich mysteriously reappear on the edge of our solar system with a whole new podcast.
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Two men, setting the world to rights in a pleasantly cynical way
Good day to you, people of the internet. Dan and Rich now kindly bring to you the reincarnation of the "Official" Dan and Rich Podcast. You've heard it before (realisticaly you havn't)in the initial "beta" phase, but now we're back with new ideas, equipment and delusions of quality.

Features discussions of life, disapproval and many many pop culture references; alongside regular features that you will come to love.

So if you have some to time to kill why not give it a listen? It is free afterall, and you MIGHT like it...

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