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Episode 12 - JedCast The Finale
The Last Ever JedCast is here. For the last time join Jed Miller, Abner Hofstadler, Tommy Styles, Tommy Zalucki and Kirk Saywell and for one final time the return of Liam Piper. After falling out with JedCast Liam agreed to return for the funeral of JedCast! In this final installment before we all go our separate ways and get ready for our Exams you'll hear more of Jed's antics and a final Liam's story, we find out why Jed has gotten sacked from his latest job and we all tell Jed what we think.
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The genuine, 'unusual' and sometimes inappropriate thoughts and words of Jed Miller...
Come into the mind of Jed Miller. Listen to what he's thinking and who he's calling. If you like Gerv, Smerch and Pilkers, you'll love this!
"The genuine, 'unusual' and sometimes inappropriate thoughts and words of Jed Miller... featuring baffling contributions from the genuine Liam"

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