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jellycast: A Little Bit Racey - The Comedy Improv Panel Show
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A Little Bit Racey: Hi-De Hydrogen
The 'Little Bit Racey' Metallic Madness Malady Mitigator M’lady
Eureka! A bunch of PhD hoarding virgins also sometimes known as ‘scientists’, have invented an all new superlight metal made of hydrogen. Apparently, this constitutes a reason to celebrate, so there will be a ceremonial unveiling. But gasp! The ceremonial ribbon cutting scissors, made of the aforementioned hydrogen metal, have been dropped, and are now floating up the towards the ceremonial blimp, full of trapped ceremonial orphans on a ceremonial field trip! So our comedy improv teams are heading to Lincoln, Nebraska to save the day!
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The Improvisational Comedy Panel Show That You Just Couldn't Make Up!
In the show, panellists race against a time limit of just three minutes to improvise their way to a destination. They begin from different starting points and must use an assortment of randomly assigned objects, companions and modes of transport, but they must keep all with them when they travel. They also have to overcome another panellist, who will improvise obstacles to try and stop them.

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