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jellycast: The Legend of Nic and Joe - A Radio Sitcom
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The Legend of Nic and Joe - The Greatest Story Ever Told
It's Christmas and The Ice Puns Cometh!
CHAPTER VI: THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD Nic and Joe are dead and Merlin the storyteller must try to rescue their legend from the mists of time, with one last story and a little help from a few familiar faces, like thingy and whatsit. The epic finale to the interminable series tells of a Christmas miracle, which sees Nic and Joe come face to face with a new friend - in the vague snow-based shape of Dave Benson Phillips. What could possibly go wrong...? Written and performed by Nic Bowden and Joe Lister Streep. Also starring Simon Atherton, Emma Smyth, Matt Risby and Jo Beadle Special guest stars, Jessica-Jane Stafford and Dave Benson Phillips Additional voices by Anton Belton, Sarah Deery, Kirsty McDonald, MrJac, Rob Myles, Sean Nelis and Iain Orkisz
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Itís wacky, itís fun, itís crazy, itís outrageous. Itís about 30 minutes too longÖ
For centuries man has been fascinated by stories and once in a while, when the stars align, out of the rich tapestry of yarns comes a legend. This is The Legend of 'Nic and Joe'

Nic Bowden and Joe Lister-Streep play Nic Bowden and Joe Lister-Streep; two struggling sitcom writers with a deadline to meet, but a severe case of writerís block. This is hardly surprising though as most of their time is spent becoming embroiled in a series of hair-brained schemes, meeting a plethora of colourful characters and indulging in a spot of casual violence.

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