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Newspox 2 May
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UK "news" dissected with wit and ignorance

After a small break of 8 YEARS, yes that's right 8 years.. NewsPox is back and itís better than ever. (Well it might be but it might be worse than ever, in the last 8 years we've been busy becoming middle aged so who knows if we're funny anymore? With strong, uninformed opinions and a tendency to just make stuff up, NewsPox grapples with the big issues of the day, but mostly grapples with celebrity tittle-tattle, animal stories and death (which we are 8 years closer too now).

NewsPox will be weekly if we can get our shit together and the podcasts are about 25 minutes long. This is 25 times longer than the 60 Second News on BBC3, but shorter than The Six O'Clock news on BBC1 and about half of the size of Channel 4 News. Listen to save time and money on buying and reading your own newspapers. See how your friends are impressed with your current affairs knowledge, and your casual use of sexual swear words.

NewsPox began in May 2006, we did it for a couple of years then had to really put our efforts into getting old so we took an 8 year break doing that. Now we have established ourselves as old we felt we could go back to it.

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