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Episode 21 Conference Paper
An academic angle on the process of making my stand-up show Break a Leg
Two months after the show, here's a follow-up episode, in which you can hear a recording of a conference paper I gave at the University of Kent on 14 January 2016.
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A podcast about the making of Oliver Double's forthcoming stand-up comedy show Break a Leg
On 6th December 2015 at 7.30pm at the Gulbenkian Theatre Canterbury, I'm going to be performing a brand new full-length stand-up comedy show called Break a Leg, about the experiences I've had this year recovering from a broken femur. There'll be no previews, so I'll be finding out whether the material works at the same time as the audience does. If I crash and burn, it'll be a long night for everybody. I thought it might be quite interesting to make a podcast about the process I'm going through to make the show while I'm doing it. The podcast will conclude with recordings of the actual show. What will that be like? Nobody knows! Maybe there'll even be a twist ending.

If you want to come and see the show live, you can get tickets here:

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