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jellycast: Affirmations for Spiritual Health and Well-Being
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jellycast: Affirmations for Spiritual Health and Well-Being
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Affirmations for Spiritual Health and Well-Being4.23.07
Flowing gifts, joy, love and trust, pulsing Lifeforce, making the best of things
Affirmations: 1. I am amazed by the gifts flowing into my life, and I joyously go with the flow. 2. I love watching my life unfold. I trust in its perfection. 3. I am a genius at making the best of things. Lifeforce pulses through me constantly. Followed by: I am grateful for my full connection in this moment. My thoughts attract Love, Beauty, and Harmony. I am open to the highest and most blissful experiences that the Universe can deliver, and I am willing to allow the beauty of who I am to blossom through me now. I release any resistance present in my body and vibration, and I forgive all, including myself. I see and draw to me others of like mind. Our experiences will uplift us all. For this, and for so much more, I am grateful and appreciative. And so it is. All is well. •Would you like to suggest an affirmation, leave feedback, or convey words of appreciation? Email us at: •Though our website is under construction, soon we will be able to offer full-length affirmation CD’s and downloadable MP3’s. We are creating themed affirmation compilations for weight loss and general physical health, relationship building, abundance and prosperity, spiritual allowing and connection, and job/employment satisfaction. Come visit us and check out our website progress at:
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Affirmations, with music, for physical wellness, general well-being, and spiritual allowing
It is our intent to help others allow their well being, and to enjoy this life as much as possible. There are three affirmations in each podcast. Each affirmation will be heard six times, followed by a short pause. During this pause, feel free to repeat the affirmation again to yourself. Let the vibration of the words sink into your consciousness. Affirmations are a powerful tool for helping you become a vibrational match to what you are asking for. The more you allow yourself to enjoy these words without personal judgment, the closer you are to allowing the Universe to deliver everything you want. Be well! Christina

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