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jellycast: Deuteronomy - a guide through the wilderness (Fowey Fellowship)
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The Faith Delivered Once for All.
Walk by Faith
God wants us To contend for the Faith once for all delivered to us. Are we lax in believing that the Bible is the Word of the Lord, that it is the true word of God, breathed by God?
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This world is not my home.
Update - The book of Deuteronomy is about Israel, God’s earthly “Chosen People”. It reviews their journey, from redemption out of Egypt to the border of the land which Jehovah gave to them in perpetuity, based on His unchangeable Word and immutable promises. It is imperative to understand that prophecies by God to His beloved people Israel, as yet unfulfilled, will indeed be honoured by God to Israel, none have been nor ever will be transferred to the Church, as erroneously taught in God-dishonouring “Replacement Theology”.

Since the start of this series following the death of Moses, we have moved on to look at some aspects in the life of Joshua, we also examined briefly the call of Abraham and the unconditional everlasting Covenant of God to him. We then slipped in a talk on Global Warming and The Judgement Seat of Christ. So this now brings us to one of the important Judges in Israel, Samuel. We will look at some very important events for the Nation of Israel during the lifetime of this remarkable man of God.

Let us emphasise again that we are always genuinely humbled and most grateful to God for people like you who listen to the podcasts, thank you for your interest and may God bless you.

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